Sunday at Col'Cacchio

Sunday at Col'Cacchio
I’ve always been a huge fan of Italian inspired food, I mean who doesn’t like a bowl of freshly prepared pasta or a thin crust pizza with delectable toppings. I know I do! If this is the type of food that gets you salivating then you need to visit Col’Cacchio’s at the Grove Mall. We decided to spend out Sunday afternoon relaxing on their terrace soaking up the early winter sun.

We started off with some drinks as we couldn’t decide what to eat, as there is quite a few options and the one sounds better than the next. I had a cucumber and mint G&T while my partner went with his usual order of a draught beer. Surprisingly, my drink was served with a pasta straw! I thought this is something we only see on Pinterest and not a local restaurant. I was really impressed and good for them for doing something so simple to try and make a difference to the environment. We finally decided on starters and had the beef Carpaccio and a garlic & herb mini pizza. While listening to Jack Johnson, sipping on G&T and indulging in olive oil drizzled Carpaccio, my Sunday felt perfect!

We decided to make most of the last few hours left of the weekend and ordered a bottle of Zonneblom Blanc de Blanc – an easy drinking white wine. Maybe a bit too easy drinking if you know what I mean! For mains we shared the Smokey Babe Pizza and an Oriental salad in a pizza dough bowl. Once again I was surprised at the option of having my salad in a dough bowl- I just love how this franchise stays up to date with the latest food trends. The salad was fresh, filling and delicious! The pizza was really good and the combination of the corn, deboned ribs and coriander is a match made in heaven! You can see that this menu is well thought through when it comes to flavour combinations and presentation.

For dessert we shared a white and milk chocolate panna cotta. I almost opted for the vegan dessert but I’m such a sucker for panna cotta that I couldn’t let the opportunity go past to indulge in this creamy dessert. Overall we had a lovely experience and the sun setting over the vistas was the perfect end to our weekend. I’m really impressed with this establishment and their menu caters for lots of dietary requirements including vegan, low carb and gluten free. The fact that they have are keeping up with global trends really impressed me and I will definitely be spending more of my time and money at Col’Cacchio.

Our Where to Eat Rating: 7/10
Until next time, your favorite-foodie Elzaan.

For the menu and opening times have a look here.