Sky Lounge at Am Weinberg Boutique Hotel

Sky Lounge at Am Weinberg Boutique Hotel
It's Summer in Namibia and I'm loving the heat! My winter comfort foods, hoodies and fluffy blankets are long packed away and the only thing on my mind is ice-cold drinks, sun dresses and easy fresh foods. As a Namibian I love the sun, I love the feeling of sun on my skin and I love sundowners. I'm always craving new experiences and I have a big curiosity when it comes to food and drinks in Namibia. When I heard there's a few new restaurants opening at Am Weinberg I didn't realize that I will be spending my next sundowner there.
Am Weinberg Boutique Hotel recently opened a brand new Sky Lounge with beautiful views and vistas on the top floor of the hotel.
We stumbled upon this place on our way to dinner on a balmy summer evening. We saw people up on a roof which looked like a bar and the curious person that I am, I had to go find out what's going on there.
We got welcomed by friendly staff and got the best seats in the house. Seeing that they only opened the day before we got treated like royalty. The view from the deck is spectacular over looking Ludwigsdorf and Klein Windhoek with the mountains in the background. The interior reminds me of a modern summer beach house and the lounge area is comfortable and chic. We started the night off with our regular order, a local beer and a glass of white wine. The white wine was served in a gorgeous stem less glass sitting in its own cooler. The best part of this is your wine stays cold without diluting it, perfect for the Namibian heat!
I felt peckish and browsed through their menu. They serve small meals thus, making it the ideal spot for a sundowner and something to nibble on. Our friendly waiter, Elizabeth, recommended we try the sliders and to our delight they were very tasty. Three types of sliders, one beef, one chicken and one pulled pork- the best option for someone like me that can't make up my mind. We also got a side order of chips because what is a burger without chips- salty, crunchy and topped with cheese -so delicious. I snapped a quick photo and just had to make my friend jealous about my current situation.
While enjoying our food our friends arrived as they could just not resist enjoying a drink with us at this beautiful place. We ordered some cocktails and I was surprised at how well the drinks were priced.
I've always been a fan of the old Am Weinberg and I was really excited for the new hotel to open and really impressed that it met all of my expectations. From the scenery to the drinks to the food and the overall ambiance. The new sky lounge in Klein Windhoek will definitely see me again.

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