Meeting the Maker of Musgrave Gin

Meeting the Maker of Musgrave Gin
Is it just me or is Gin taking over the world? A few years ago if you arrived at a friend's house with a bottle of Tanquiry you had class. Now there is more than 135 varieties of Gin's available in South Africa alone- making the decision on what to buy next pretty hard! Luckily I'm here to help.

A few days ago I had the honor of meeting Simone Musgrave - yes THE MAKER of Musgrave Gin! She started the company in 2015 inspired by her late Grandfather's travels. Her Grandfather left the UK in 1949 to pursue his dream of traveling through Africa. The botanicals used in the two gins are all from the regions where her Grandfather traveled - the ancient African spice-route. Herbs from Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar just to name a few were used to make the magical Musgrave 11 Botanicals Gin. The same recipe was used for the the Musgrave Pink Gin just with less spice and added rosehip as well as rosewater.

I arrived at the Hilton Hotel and was greeted by Simone herself, who is a beautiful down-to-earth women. We chatted about her history while I was sipping on the Musgrave 11 Botanicals Gin which is a spicy but not too spicy gin with a slightly peppercorn aftertaste. I really enjoyed this gin and I will definitely be buying it in the near future. After that I tasted the Pink Gin- which has my name all over it! It's the perfect ladies day drink- although Simone says it's mostly men buying this pink drink. It's a bit toned down compared to the 11 Botanicals but with a lingering rose aftertaste.

Both of these gins are divine! It's almost like you can taste the craftsmanship sealed in these bottles. Simone recommends trying the 11 Botanicals with Ginger Ale and garnishing it with cucumber or pink peppercorns. Another option is to have the Pink Gin with half Soda half Tonic and garnishing with a wedge of lime and a sprig of thyme. The Hilton Hotel served us some tasty tapas to accompany the craft gins. What a wonderful way to spend a Friday afternoon.

So next time you arrived at a friend's house, take a bottle of Mugrave Gin and impress them.

Until next time, your favorite-foodie Elzaan.