Interview with Makhosi from Daisho Sushi and Wine Bar

Interview with Makhosi from Daisho Sushi and Wine Bar
Daisho Sushi opened about 4 years ago in Square Park, Ludwigsdorf. I attended the opening and never imaged that 4 years later I would be writing an article about my dear friend Makhosi- the guy with the friendly smile! I had an amazing experience and the sushi (just like 4 years ago) is to die for! I asked for the chef's recommendations and was treated to a salmon feast!
I had the Salmon Delight Roll which is a beautiful roll with salmon and avocado topped off with crunchy deep-fried salmon pieces. The deep-fried salmon adds the perfect crunch to the creamy avocado and fresh salmon. The Salmon Roses Reloaded were my favorite- salmon roses topped off with tempura flakes, caviar, spring onion and their secret sauce. One of the other popular rolls is the Salmon Californian roll with fresh salmon, avocado covered in toasted sesame seeds. I enjoyed all of this with a fruity glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Makhosi, tell us when was the 1st time you made sushi and who taught you?
My 1st time touching a piece of nori and a rolling mat was about twelve years ago and I was taught by Chef Soloman in South Africa.

Did you always want to make sushi or how did it happen?
I studied hospitality and tourism in Zimbabwe and when it was time to specialize I had a interest in Sushi and decided why not.

Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Makhosi when you are not making sushi?
When I'm not making sushi I love spending time at home with my family and kids and I enjoy traveling as well.
When did open and did you do it on your own or did someone help you?
4 Years ago I had the idea of opening my own Sushi Bar. Initially we were looking for investors and successfully found them but after a year we bought them out and continued on our own.

What has been your biggest struggle with the business?
To find fresh quality ingredients and consistent supply of the ingredients. Also the increase in price of the fresh ingredients as most of our ingredients are imported.

What has been your biggest success thus far?
Returning clients and the good feedback from we get from them. In the end your clients are the most important because without them you won't have a business.

What would your advice be to yourself 4 years ago?
Try harder to do it by myself, its always difficulty to work with someone. So if you have to do it ensure that you have the same vision.

What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs in the food industry?
The most important tip I will give is that if you want to start a business make sure you are involved 24/7. Clients want to see the owners and meet with them so be heavily involved. You really have to have a passion for the industry, otherwise you will fail. Don't take people for granted and ensure that what you serve with always be something that your clients will appreciate. Always be dedicated you can't act like an employee when you are the employer.

What Sushi roll is most popular ?
The Tempura prawn roll is by far our best seller as well as a new rolled called Salmon Delight basically anything to do with salmon always sells.

And what wine would you recommend?
The Guru Sauvignon Blanc, The Guru Merlot and Peter Falke Sauvignon Blanc

Anything else you would like to share with us?
Yes, we have twice a month on a Tuesday sushi buffet which is very popular and in November we will do an event again with live music and wine tasting.
We recently Introduced stir fries and working on our signature dishes like fish but with a Japanese twist as well as meals especially for kids.